Friday, October 25, 2013

Lincoln's Faces

I love how newborns' faces can change so drastically in a matter of seconds.

Like from crying... sleeping peacefully.

Lincoln still smiles and laughs a ton in his sleep. His smiles begin this way,

and then his eyelids flutter and he breaks into a big grin, his body shaking and sometimes snorts accompanying his laughs!

But then he wakes up. (Usually to spit up.)

We sure do love this boy, whether he's awake, asleep, crying, or laughing.


  1. I got to play with a baby today who is the same age as Lincoln, and she just reminded me how much newborns work with their faces. I was talking to her, and she would make the most intense, concentrated effort to get the tiniest ahhh noise out. I loved watching her tongue go, and her whole face contort trying to "talk" back to me. Love this stage!

  2. So funny that Lincoln laughs in his sleep! Didn't Wesley and Talmage do that too?

  3. Don't forget birthday pictures! I want to see Talmage's awesome cake again! And hear about Wesley's.

  4. Breanne-Talmage and Wesley smiled in their sleep, but they didn't laugh much. Lincoln does it all the time, and it's hilarious!

    And Jocilyn-birthday pictures are coming! I'm still way behind...


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