Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life Before Baby

I still had a few pictures from before Lincoln was born that didn't make it onto the blog. And since I use our blog as a record-keeping mechanism for our family as well as a picture back-up arsenal, I decided I still wanted to post these. So, here are some assorted picture of life before baby #3.

I love seeing how much they love reading! Books and graham crackers passed the time while we waited for Daddy.

Wesley loves them too, but urgently needed another cracker.

I don't know who has more fun with their games...Sam or the boys!

We checked out this book from the library a while back. Sam and I got a kick out of the pictures--it's so clever!

Talmage often wants his apron on when he's playing, and that inevitably leads to Wesley wanting one too. We just have one kid-sized one, so I double one of mine over and cinch it around him and he happily tromps around, completely unaware of how silly it looks.

I was thinking of future children when I bought this giant LoveSac in high school (a little strange, perhaps, but I've always been a planner), and it certainly hasn't disappointed! We love dragging it out to the bottom of the stairs and jumping, but jumping off the bunk bed is pretty fun, too.

Wesley freely jumps off the bunk bed as well.

It looks like Wesley is missing one of his front baby teeth. I had all my baby teeth, but am missing 1 1/2 permanent teeth and it's a genetic thing, so it looks like a trip to the dentist is in our near future. I even found one covered by our insurance who went to BYU!

This is how we spent the evening before Lincoln was born.

He is such a goof!

And lastly, here is a pretty impressive model of the portion of the Texas Medical Center where Sam works. It's the biggest medical center in the world, and the pictures are pretty impressive if you look them up! Talmage made a crane building a new hospital, a car, and one of the existing hospitals across the street (which is the location where we pick up Sam).


  1. Cute pictures. That book also looks really cute. But, I totally cracked up reading some of the reviews on Amazon. Apparently it's too "men-centric" for some parents, but I guess that's okay in your family of three boys. Ha ha ha.

  2. What book is it? I can't read the title.

  3. I love the action shot of Talmage jumping off the bunk bed! I also love Wesley's upside-down picture. The last picture with the bristle blocks is amazing! Talmage is so creative.


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