Monday, October 7, 2013

Big Brother Love

I can't get enough of these three! Talmage and Wesley have, overall, done great with the transition. They LOVE everything about Lincoln and being involved with him in any way possible.
(And by the way, Wesley is still a head shorter than Talmage but apparently the height difference is all in their legs--they look the same size when sitting. People often ask if they're twins!)

This was our first day home with 2-day-old Lincoln. Wesley is so proud and always gets this grin on his face when he's interacting with him.

Talmage has been a huge help and loves giving Lincoln his binky, wiping his spit-up, holding him, and "tending" him when I leave the room for a moment.

I put Lincoln down for some tummy time and Talmage wanted to give him some toys. This mountain was quickly formed next to him!

My little sillies!

This is a very common scene: the boys maul Lincoln while he sleeps.

And here they are, just enjoying some light reading together. :)


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