Friday, August 23, 2013

Here Comes a Baby!

Yesterday was my 38 week doctor's appointment. Last week, when I got the test results back indicating I'm anemic, I saw a different doctor because my doctor was out of town. This week, my doctor looked at my chart, gave an incredulous chuckle and said, "Yeah, your blood count was really low. In fact..." He toyed around with his phone for a while and reviewed my chart for a few minutes. 

After thinking it over, he told me he wanted to induce me next week to ensure he would be the one to deliver the baby (on-call doctors delivered my other two!) and it would be during the day, because evidently the daytime staff tends to be a bit more attentive and on-the-ball for potential problems.

Apparently my blood count is low enough to be a bit of a concern and he wants to make sure he is there since he is familiar with my history and knows what to watch for. He also wants to make sure I am getting consistent care in case I end up needing a blood transfusion later on, after delivery. In the past, I've had issues with my blood pressure dropping way too low/losing more blood than usual after delivery.

I have very mixed feelings about this. I trust my doctor's judgment (he is at least 70 and is a high-risk OB/GYN as well, so he has tons of experience, and he's not too quick to jump on medical intervention), but I also have my reasons for really not wanting to be induced. And of course, the thought of meeting our son in less than a week is thrilling! Then there's the matter of my mom not coming until September 16 (because I assumed the baby would be late). Overall, however, Sam and I do feel this is the best course to pursue.

So, unless he decides to make his appearance on his own beforehand, our little guy should arrive on Thursday, August 29! It's hard to believe that within 6 short days we will have 3 sons!

Now, who wants to help me can the 300 pears I just bought? :)


  1. Oh boy! Well, ready or not, here he comes; that will at least make finding someone to watch Talmage and Wesley lots easier...

  2. True! And by the way...CONGRATULATIONS!!! (On graduating!) You did it!!!

  3. Oh man. So soon! And exciting! And funny about the plane ticket.

    Good luck with those 300 pears! That's a lota apples!!!

  4. And, I just recognized the quote in the title. Ha ha, way to get in a little Scripture Scouts wherever you can. :)


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