Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day

A few weeks ago was cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-a! It was almost as spontaneous as last year's experience--I decided about 20 minutes beforehand to take the boys. I crammed Wesley into a 12-month size panda bear costume, minus the head, and quickly painted a few spots on his face.

I discovered that Talmage doesn't have many plain black-and-white clothes, but made do with this sweater vest and a T-shirt underneath. We taped paper spots all over him and painted his face as well. They both found the whole endeavor hilarious!

And the free kids' meals were more than worth it! The boys also loved the balloon animals they got from the balloon artist there, and Wesley was determined to chase their big cow mascot around the entire time.

Sam and I also went later that night and got our free meals for dressing up like cows as well. It took a little bit of coaxing to get my down-to-earth husband to let me paint his face, but he was a good sport and we thoroughly enjoyed our night out!

The more acquainted I am with Chick-fil-a, the more impressed I am and the more I want to support them. Although I think the food is fine, their morals and family orientation are what make them so great!
I love that they have a huge sign right inside the doors when you walk in explaining why they are closed on Sundays and stating that they will continue to be. 
I love that they put books in their kids' meals.
I love that they stand up for their morals, even in the face of intense political opposition. 
I love that they have fun family events like this all the time (our local Chick-fil-a has a free weekly playgroup, weekly storytime (with free ice cream!), and fun themed weeks regularly with things like zoo animals, crafts, and even family campouts). 
The Chick-fil-a restaurants in our town even offer a free huge family-sized meal, (delivered to your home for free!), if you call and tell them you had a new baby! Like, huge platters of chicken and fruit and a big bag of cookies. I'm already looking forward to that night off after this little man comes. :)


  1. Wow! I wish we had a chick-fil-a around here. There's just the little one in the mall food court. Sounds (and looks) like tons of fun!

  2. Where is the picture of you guys? :)


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