Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Project

I finally finished a project I've been working on for quite some time now! Some friends of ours were moving last year and gave us a huge, antique desk. I thought it would be fun to refinish it, but it's just been sitting in the garage. For Sam's birthday for one of his presents I told him I would fix it up. But next time I attempt to undertake such a project in the third trimester of pregnancy, would someone please remind me what a terrible idea that is? After many, many hours spent cleaning, sanding, priming, painting, finishing, and laying on the garage floor in awkward positions with an 8-month pregnant belly, I'm finally done. It's not perfect, but I learned a lot and I'm fairly satisfied with the result. And it's so nice to have such a large workspace! (The top of the desk is 3 feet by 5 feet.)

Before (with one drawer sanded)


I also picked up some fabric at Hobby Lobby and reupholstered an old computer chair to match (given to us by the same family).


  1. That's so cute Kaitlyn! I'm impressed. :)

  2. It looks darling! I need you closer to be my consultant on my own projects. Way cute!


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