Tuesday, August 6, 2013

35 Weeks

Tomorrow will mark 36 weeks of pregnancy for me! I'm not sure if I want the clock to slow down or speed up--there is still so much to do before our little guy makes his appearance, but we are getting so anxious to meet him! And I definitely feel like he's running out of space inside. It's such an odd feeling to sit down and have your rib cage hit a hard body part. I guess we'll just try to be content with the way time passes in its normal state. :)

Talmage is getting really excited and loves telling people, "Guess what??? We're going to have ANOTHER BROTHER!!!" I think he will be a great help when the baby is born. Wesley knows all the right answers to the questions we ask about the baby, but I'm not sure how much he actually understands. He often rubs my belly and points out the baby, and if you ask him what the baby says he states, "Bom, bom, bom..." (as in the sound of the baby's heartbeat from my doctor's appointments). He knows that certain items are the baby's and refers to the nursery as the baby's room and the crib as the baby's bed. Both boys are extra clingy right now, though, so I think they are feeling the transition hanging in the air. Hopefully we can make it as pleasant as possible for both of them!

We also booked my mom's plane ticket for September 16. I was a little nervous about having her come so long after the baby's due date (the 4th), but both of my boys have been late (Talmage 4 days and Wesley 10 days) and we want to make sure he has made his arrival by the time she comes! It's hard to plan in advance for these things, but we're looking forward to her visit regardless of when the baby comes.

I need to talk to my doctor at my next appointment about the possibility of me being anemic. There have been certain things about this pregnancy that have increased the likelihood of that, and I have been eating ice like crazy lately! As in, I went through 2 10lb bags of Sonic ice in 1 week. Eating 20 lbs of ice in 7 days seems to be a bit unusual. It is ridiculous how much I seem to rely on it! I read online that craving ice like that is a big indicator of anemia and I have had several dizzy/lightheaded spells which have also made me wonder. Has anyone had other experiences with a crazy ice craving?

All in all, things are going quite well. This little man will be here before we know it!


  1. Maybe it's because you live in a disgustingly hot, humid place... j/k, but I certainly haven't had the ice craving. It does sound a bit excessive. Don't they check your iron at most visits though? I feel like I get my finger pricked every time...

  2. ^ Amen to what she said. Hot humid place...but why are you craving ice and not delicious slushies, eh? :)

  3. Ryan says ice cravings are part of "pica" and it is a sign of anemia - definitely get it checked out. You're already tired enough as it is ;)


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