Thursday, July 11, 2013

Visit to Utah Part 5: Fun with Grandma Sue

We also got to spend a couple of days with Sam's mom and siblings, and we had a great time! One of the highlights was visiting Hollywood Connection, where the boys got to experience some fun rides. Wesley would get SO mad every time a ride ended! Talmage even got to ride the bumper cars, but they said he had to be in his own car! I tried to explain what he should do and didn't expect much, but he had a great time and figured out steering with a little coaching from me. He thought crashing into people was hilarious! My camera was dead, so thanks to Don and Kellie for the pictures!

 Kellie made some adorable felt play muffins for the boys. She also gave them some more play dishes and a cute Thumper stuffed animal, which Wesley absolutely adored!

We wanted to go to the park one day, but it was rainy. So we went to a fancy new McDonalds and bought some ice cream cones and let the boys play on the toys. They had a blast!

We were, as usual, pretty much spoiled all the way around throughout our visit. Thanks to everyone for making it so fun! We hope to be back again soon. The boys can't stop talking about Utah--Wesley loves pretending things are airplanes and tells me they're flying to Utah. We're so grateful we have been able to visit so much since living in Texas. We love you all!

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