Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visit to Utah Part 3: An Adoring Aunt and Uncle

Aunt Av and Uncle Bronson are huge favorites among my kids. At this moment, Wesley is pointing to the pictures, exclaiming their names with excitement. Avalon and Bronson were so good to play with the boys all through our visit. Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Talmage wasn't really disgruntled although his face tells a different story.

That's better!

Wesley won't happily be held by just anyone--he has a special place in his heart for Aunt Av.

We even got to fly kites across the street. The concept of playing in the grass freely is kind of novel to the boys. Here we are always on the lookout for fire ant piles, and stings or bites of one kind or another are pretty common. Last summer when we visited Utah Talmage was in my parents' backyard and shouted to me, "Look Mommy! I'm laying in the grass!" as if the idea was so totally absurd.

Running around, getting out all of the pent-up energy in their little bodies is a favorite activity.

Wesley apparently wondered why on earth I would be wasting time taking pictures on such a beautiful day.

It wasn't terribly windy, but they managed to get the kites up a few times!

And digging in the backyard is always a hit. It's so handy to have a yard under construction when you have 2 little boys who love the dirt.

Thanks to Aunt Avalon and Uncle Bronson for spending so much time with the boys! We miss and love you!!!

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  1. Thanks Kaitlyn! We love and miss you too. Tell the boys hi for us! :)


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