Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sam's Birthday

I can't believe my husband is 28. For some reason that seems so much closer to 30 than 27. People joke about how he looks so mature and I look like a teenager. :) I'm so glad I could trick him into marrying me anyway! We had a fun day--since his birthday was the day before Memorial Day, he decided to only work in his lab for a few hours on Memorial Day and we spent the remainder of the day celebrating.

After he got home, he opened presents.

I introduced Sam to croquet a couple of years ago on his birthday. There were a few summers when I was growing up that I was totally obsessed with this game, and he enjoyed it when we played. So when I saw a brand-new set at Goodwill for $8, I jumped on it!

After Wesley's nap, we headed to Brazos Bend to ride bikes around. Sam's bike seat broke near the beginning and he spent the remainder of the trip with his seat wobbling back and forth as it was balanced on the post, but he never complains and insisted it wasn't that bad. Brazos Bend has tons of alligators, and Sam had never been before! I was hoping for a good showing, but unfortunately we didn't see a single one! Last year when my family came to visit, we saw 20 in an hour! (Sam was out of town.) I was sad, but the bike paths are beautiful nonetheless.

The boys' helmets are the best Goodwill had to offer--so they have some pretty zany designs on them.

Poor Talmage fell asleep in the trailer. He didn't get a nap, but I thought he'd be fine since his naps are kind of spotty these days. Evidently he needed one on this day, because he was out hard! And both boys started majorly overheating, had badly flushed faces, and were drenched in sweat. So we decided it was probably time to head back.

We just could not get Talmage to wake up, but he desperately needed some water.

We finally mostly succeeded in getting him to regain consciousness.

Then he just sleepily pressed his face into the side of the bike trailer.

After our super hot, but very fun time at Brazos Bend, we drove back home and enjoyed Sam's birthday dinner--Mediterranean Pizza, Watermelon, and Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Layer Cake! It was the perfect meal after our tiring afternoon.

I needed some cake stands for a recent piano recital and I don't have any, so I glued dollar-store bowls to the bottom of dollar-store plates. This worked beautifully for Sam's birthday, too!

All in all, it was a great day, and we were so happy to have so much time together!

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  1. Glad to see that you utilize Goodwill as much as I do :)


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