Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On Sleep

Sleep has been a bit turbulent all the way around at our house lately. 
-There's me, who falls asleep at the drop of a hat throughout the day and continually has boys jumping on me and begging me to "wake up!!!"
-There's Sam, who works so hard and has so much to do after work that he seldom actually falls asleep in bed...it's usually somewhere else in the house.
-There's Talmage, who recently moved to the top bunk and can't quite seem to decide whether he needs an afternoon nap or not. If he has one he doesn't fall asleep until rather late at night, but if he doesn't have one he is super grumpy all afternoon.
-And there's Wesley, who recently transitioned out of his crib and into the bottom bunk in Talmage's room, thereby cutting out his morning nap (which he still actually needs) and making his afternoon naps really short.

So we're pretty much a house of sleepyheads at any given moment.

One morning I woke up and came out in the living room to find this:
(Sam had woken up with both boys in the night and they all spent the rest of the night in the living room.)

Talmage often doesn't fall asleep during his afternoon "nap" time, but when he does it is usually mid-story.

Or sometimes with a toy in hand. Nothing like a magnifying glass to put you to sleep!

Wesley loves sleeping in his big-boy bed and being in the same room with Talmage, even though it has greatly reduced the amount of time he'll stay asleep. Hopefully that will change before little brother arrives!

All we had to do to get him to stay in his bed was to make a rule that if he got out of bed he had to go back in the "baby's crib." He hated that consequence, so he was trained pretty quickly!

And the boys love having each other for company when they go to sleep each night. Their conversations are so sweet to listen to! I can't seem to bring myself to stop them from talking as they go to sleep because I think it is such great bonding time for the two of them. Talmage makes up games for the two of them to play while in their bunk beds, and it just reminds me of the whispered conversations, giggles, and games my sister and I would sneak in when we shared a room growing up.

So if anyone has the solution to keep me awake and my boys asleep...please share! :)


  1. My good friends (they have 5 kids) had all of them sharing a room (well, the oldest 4...and once the baby got big enough they were going to put them all together). They wanted them to have that bonding time each night before they fell asleep. I was skeptical, but they loved it!

    Wesley looks SO big--oh my goodness!

  2. I wish that my little girl hated the crib! When we transitioned Kimbri to a "big girl bed" and put our baby in the crib she got sooooo jealous! And wanted the crib over her bed. Haha! I'm glad it worked out better for Wesley with him not liking the crib! :)


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