Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lots of Smiles

Wesley sometimes finds great delight in blatantly disobeying what I say. For a while he was totally stuck on leaning back on his chair. I knew teenage boys had that issue, but I didn't realize it was ingrained from birth!

His mischievous little smiles are so totally irresistible.

Talmage was okay with just leaning back in his chair, while keeping his chair flat on the ground.

He was desperately in need of a haircut--and I love his little morning face!

The same goes for Talmage.

He is such a handsome little guy. The other day at Church someone told him he was going to be a heartbreaker. He was quite confused and concerned and wondered why she said he would break people's hearts!

Here is Talmage showing us a silverfish he caught. Little boys make Texas bug issues far more manageable.

Watching Talmage "read" to Wesley is absolutely one of my favorite things. I love their concentration in this picture.

The boys pulled out the box of laundry detergent the other day and sat down on it together like this. 

Seeing those two play together is just one of the best parts of motherhood. At times during the first 6 months or so of Wesley's life, I wondered how on Earth dividing my time between more than one child could be a positive thing--especially when my oldest responded so negatively to the transition. But as time has passed, I have seen that as siblings they fill a void in each other's lives that a parent just can't fill. I love seeing their relationship progress and develop, and I love that they are best friends! It gives me far more confidence in bringing yet another boy into our family (in just 6ish short weeks!!!).

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