Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Visit to Utah Part 2: Cousin Time

One of the big perks of visiting Utah is the time the boys get to spend with their cousins! Talmage has 2 cousins within 2 months of his age, round 2 of kids was spread out only a little more. So there are 6 kids age 3 and under who have a fabulous time playing outside at my parents' house!

My parents have been doing some work in their yard, so when we visited there was a very large mound of dirt the kids loved playing on.

This was so cute. Peter reached down to help Talmage up to the top...

and both boys crashed down to the bottom! (Sorry about the lighting, but we were just glad to catch it on camera!)

We also tried to have another cousin photo shoot. The kids were (unintentionally) wearing matching colors, the weather was perfect for pictures, and we thought it would be great. Too bad I didn't realize until after the fact that Wesley had grabbed the lens prior to the shoot and left a big fingerprint right on it. This resulted in a blurry spot in every single picture we took! Sad. My kids were also very uncooperative, which made for some interesting shots. (Hey, with 6 kids 3 and under what can you expect?) They're cute anyway.

I love how everyone was on board with the hugging idea except Wesley.

The wagon ride across the street was more fun than cramming onto a bench, apparently.

We also had a fun time spending a night at my sister's house with her kids, but I managed to let the camera batteries die, so no pictures. The boys certainly love their cousins!


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