Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trip to Utah Part 1: The Best Little Travelers

At the beginning of April we had the wonderful opportunity to visit family in Utah again! We had a buddy pass that had to be used this year, and since I would not be able to fly in my third trimester of pregnancy and after the baby is born we will have 4 paid passengers (since Wesley will turn 2 shortly thereafter), we thought it best to seize the opportunity while Sam was at a conference in Washington, D.C.

I was a little bit nervous about traveling alone again with the boys. They have done so well in the past, but Wesley is extremely active--much more so than he was last August, which was the last time I flew with them. But I am continually amazed at what awesome travelers my boys are! We have been so blessed time and time again in that regard.

On our first flight, Wesley did this from about 10 minutes after takeoff until we were descending.

And Talmage did this. I wasn't worried at all about Talmage, because since he doesn't get to watch movies much he is totally absorbed in them when we turn them on. So between a few DVDs and some good snacks, he was set for the trip. The boys were so amazing that I even caught a little nap on our way to Denver!

Our layover in Denver was about 2 1/2 hours, which was another thing I was slightly worried about. But once again, the boys did great. We grabbed some lunch, made some bathroom breaks, and walked around a bit. Talmage finished his movie while we waited for the plane.

And happy Wesley wandered around the seats and excitedly watched all the airplanes.

Our flight to Denver was just as nice, especially since it only lasted about an hour. The boys loved watching the airplanes before we took off.

And the flight was only half full! Wesley even got to have his own seat next to me, and a kind flight attendant even read him a book while we flew!

I was even more nervous about the return flight. We had been in Utah for more than a week and the boys were exhausted from all of the fun we'd been having. And then we found out our return flight was leaving at just after 6 am! Add to that the fact that Wesley was up screaming for hours the night before, and I was one concerned Mama. I woke the boys up around 3:30 am. Talmage just sleepily muttered, "Why?" I totally agreed with him. :) 

Security was having problems and was incredibly backed up, so we barely made it onto the plane, and Wesley was out again before we even took off. He slept until we got to Phoenix (during which time I got to grab another nap!), and then after a short layover we were on our way to Houston. This time the battery on the laptop ran out and both boys were extremely tired thanks to our early morning, but didn't want to nap, so things were a bit trickier. I definitely had my hands full trying to keep them happy, but we were able to avoid any meltdowns and we made it back to Houston by lunchtime! All 3 of us had nice long naps after we got home. All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with how well they did as we traveled. How many people can say they got to take naps while flying with a 3 year old and an 18 month old? They are troopers.

And I'm getting the hang of traveling with kids, too! At one point we wandered around for an hour with one large suitcase, 1 small suitcase, 2 backpacks, a stroller, a carseat, and both boys. It was definitely a balancing act. :) We had a great visit in Utah--details to come!


  1. I'm glad that the boys were good for you, even with that early morning! Miss you and can't wait for more posts!

  2. I also love the picture of the boys looking out the window of the airplane together. So cute!


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