Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tender Moments

I will readily admit, sometimes life gets hectic with my two little ones, and some days I want to pull my hair out with exasperation. But these are some of the sweet, tender moments that make my heart skip a beat and fill me with what Sam affectionately calls "those Mommy feelings." Moments like these make me pause and wonder how life ever got to be so blissful. They are tender mercies in the form of tender moments.

Talmage has been so sweet lately to occupy Wesley when he is crabby and I am trying to get ready or make dinner. On this day I sent them out of the bathroom where I was getting ready, feeling slightly frustrated as they were opening all the cabinets and emptying them, climbing into the sink, yanking on me, standing on the toilet, etc. I closed the door for a moment to gather my wits about me, and when I opened it Talmage was reading Wesley a story. Wesley was so intent on every word! After a couple of stories, Talmage offered to play tag with Wesley. The pair ran around for a while before they went outside and Talmage "read" Wesley another book--this time a beginner chapter book that he quoted almost word-for-word to Wesley! I love this picture for so many reasons.

Potato bugs provide continual excitement in our home. Talmage loves finding them outside, and scenes like this are very common--he and Wesley both pore over bugs and study them intently together.

We made a fort on the couch one day, and I snapped this picture before I put the front blanket on. The huge grins on their faces melt my heart!

And sporting their long overdue fresh haircuts, a little cuddle time together is always sweet.


  1. Today at lunch, Peter said, "B, b, best friend." When I asked him who his best friend was, he said, "Emily." Love that.

  2. The boys are so cute! It's nice that they love each other. :)


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