Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Climbing Escapades

This innocent-looking guy is still quite the climber. He is so strong and can get around almost any obstacle! His climbing hasn't slowed any as he has gotten older, but it has gotten a bit less scary since he has so much more muscle control now.

Lately his favorite place to climb is into the kitchen sink to play with the water, which results in a boy who is almost always wet. He just grabs the side of the counter and climbs straight up like a rock climber!

And then he gives me a look like this--seriously? Could he look any more mischievous???

It does, however, allow me to work in the kitchen in peace. So when it's controlled, I don't mind him playing in there.

It just makes him so happy!

On this day he climbed on the counter while I was using the restroom and I came out to find him poking holes in all of the muffins.

I have to be really careful to never leave any knives sitting on the counter while I cook because he is very quick to grab them and hold them up declaring, "Ouchie! Ouchie!"

And sadly, the days of letting him play out on the balcony while I teach piano lessons or make dinner are over as well. He climbs up the railing! It is so crazy to watch him grab the top, which is well above his head, and plant his feet on the rails as he hoists himself upwards. We want to avoid any 2-story falls, so balcony play now requires constant supervision.


  1. Why did you poke holes in all the muffins?

    Because I thought you would think it was funny.

    Well yes, as a matter of fact, we did think it was funny, but you're still in trouble...

    Bronson, anyone?

  2. That picture of him poking holes in the muffins is hilarious.

  3. Chicken Dust, I thought that exact same thing when I saw that picture. Kaitlyn, Wesley looks like he's keeping you on your toes! Good luck with him.


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