Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easter Festivities

We had some fun Easter egg hunts this year! I'm wanting to start more family traditions around Easter time that focus on Christ's last week of life. In Texas, the kids even have Good Friday off of school, and I only recently realized what Good Friday even was about! So many Christian religions celebrate Easter on more than just Easter Sunday, and I would love to incorporate some of those same elements into our family's celebrations. So if any of you know of any great Christ-centered Easter traditions, please share!

On the Friday before Easter, we gathered with some church friends and had an Easter egg hunt at a friend's home. Everyone brought some eggs and we hid them all over their property and turned the kids loose. Wesley caught on fast and loved gathering the eggs!

Afterwards, we all had a little picnic together.

The kids came home and had naps, and then it was off to the nursing home down the street! A woman we know lives there and had invited us to come for their Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, she was not feeling well enough to get out of bed when I took the boys, but she wanted us to take part in the egg hunt anyway. They had several activities going on, one of which was face painting. Talmage was hilarious to watch as his face was painted.

He sat perfectly still and looked as if he was having surgery performed rather than a little bit of paint applied!

He certainly made a cute little Easter bunny!

Their egg hunt was pretty awesome! There were maybe 30 kids there and probably about 1000 eggs spread around. So both boys got heaping baskets full!

Wesley was less into gathering here and just wanted to hang onto two eggs and walk around, shaking them.

Talmage was not in a picture taking mood all day.

A big Easter bunny was even walking around for pictures!

Saturday morning, the boys got to find their hidden baskets, which had a smattering of candy and lots of new BOOKS in them! There is almost nothing more exciting to my boys than a pile of new books. We attempted making "empty tomb cookies" that night, but Mommy had a pregnancy-brain moment and they didn't turn out the way they should have. We had a lovely time discussing the Easter story as a family on Sunday and having the missionaries over for dinner. All in all, it was a wonderful Easter!

As a mother, I reflect more and more on how the Atonement unites our family and binds us together. Those truths mean so much more to me now that I am faced with the responsibility and privilege of raising these precious spirits. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and His sacred mission!

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  1. That looks so fun for the boys! I think the Easter week traditions are a great idea, although I don't have anything to add for the moment.


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