Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Morning of Animals

There is a little boy in our ward (who also happens to be one of my piano students) who has a lot of animals. He loves telling me about his animals in Primary and at piano lessons. I thought he would enjoy a visit, and knew the boys would be thrilled! So one morning a month or so ago, we drove over and he gave us the grand animal tour!

He answered the door with this cute little hamster in a carrier he had made for it. Talmage loved having it crawl all over him!

After we met their 4 dogs, we went into the room where his gecko of some sort lives. It was feeding time, so we got to watch him catch and eat 6 live crickets! It was pretty fascinating. Here you can see the cricket protruding from his mouth.

Next he showed us their fish, and then their sugar gliders. Evidently these are very rare, valuable types of rodents that resemble small squirrels. And they are pretty vicious! He said they only like his sister. He tried to get them to come out so we could see them, but after he furiously shook their little cavern up and down for a minute or so, they began making horrible shrieking/wailing sounds and he gave it up.

Next he took us outside with the dogs to see the creek that runs through their property and let Talmage go fishing. He was disappointed that he couldn't find the snake that lives around there (one of many, I'm sure--this is Texas, after all!).

Next, we headed up to see their horses. They are albino horses, so they have to wear masks and covers or they will be injured by the sun. The boys were totally enthralled!

This is Maddie. She is the sweetest, gentlest horse ever! She was perfect for the kids.

Both boys were pretty trepidatious about sitting on the horse bare-back.

But they warmed up considerably once she was saddled up and they felt more secure!

So we went for a little ride around the property.

Talmage looked so cute with the riding helmet on!

At the end of our visit, Tucker gave me these wildflowers to bring home! It was so thoughtful of him. He was an awesome, very knowledgeable tour guide and we had a fabulous morning! We promised to return again soon with apples and carrots for the horses. 

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