Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Pictures

We got family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago by a friend of ours. She is starting to get into photography and she caught some great shots, even with uncooperative kids! It's always amazing to me how my sweet boys can become so obstinate when we're trying to get them to look nice for a picture. :)

But now I need some help. I can't decide which ones I like best. I've posted some of my favorites below--any feedback would be appreciated!

Posed Family

#1-Talmage's smile is ridiculous here, but at least we all look somewhat happy.

#2-Our faces are all okay in this one, but Talmage is kind of an outlier there on the side...and he looks smaller than Wesley.

#3-I like the boys' faces best here, but Sam's tie is twisted. And I just look strange in all of these (could I not keep my head from cocking to the side?). Oh, the dilemma! :)


Posed Couple











#13-I already know this one is my favorite of his. But it doesn't match very well with Talmage's for the wall. Thoughts?

I loved it so much I had to make a B&W version.


Mostly just because they're cute...



#16-We found this fishing pole lying in the grass. It made a nice little prop...even though Sam doesn't fish. :)


And just because they're funny...

#18-These were the faces he would pull when we tried to get him to smile.


#20-My friend's daughter found a large beetle. The boys were completely enamored with it! I love their faces!

#21-Talmage kept looking for more bugs and was totally done with pictures after that.

#22-I feel like this one needs a funny old-man caption. Something like, "Now, Erma, how many times have I warned you not to trifle in the neighbors' business??"

#23-Young and free!

So what's your vote?

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  1. I vote for #1 of the family pictures. I know Talmage's smile doesn't look exactly right, but it's a pleasant face, and everything else is nice about the photo. I LOVE the walking one, but don't like it for a big wall portrait because you and Sam have your faces turned away from the cameral.

    Of the darling couple, definitely #8 (I think your hand on his chest/stomach just looks a little too fake/posed).

    Both the ones of Talmage are adorable, but if I had to pick, I'd go with #9, just because.

    With Wesley, I know what you mean about the cuteness of #13, but I'd go with #11 since it's more about his face where the other one shows a lot of grass and chair.

    The rest are just such fun - makes you want to do a photo collage or something (actually Costco prints 8x10 collages for less than $1.50 each, I'm sure other places are comparable prices - or I'll get some for you). I LOVE your outfits! The colors are so perfect, and your scarf and Wesley's sweater add just the right touch.


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