Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wesley's Climbing Escapades

As I've mentioned before, Wesley is my climber. He loves to be up high and especially finds great delight in climbing things he knows he shouldn't. But don't take my word for it! See for yourself:

The table is an obvious favorite. He loves to climb on it and jump around, chanting, "Dance! Dance! Dance!" Check out these mischievous smiles!

He also loves unscrewing parts of the light fixture.

He also likes to climb the piano. We often keep the piano bench upside down to thwart him, but he finds it almost as easy to climb on the couch and hoist himself up onto the piano lid and inch along it. (Again, note the smile...)

It's all in an effort to get the phone.

Or to change the settings on the thermostat.

I usually make dinner in about 1-minute increments. I cook, get Wesley down from the table, cook, get him down from the piano, cook, lift him down from the table and fix the light, cook, get him down from the piano and reset the thermostat, cook... (In fact, I just now stopped typing to get him down from sitting on the piano!)

He also learned how to climb up the bunk bed right after his first birthday, which is insane. When he first learned he would climb on Talmage's train table and pull himself up onto the top of the bottom footboard...

...then lift himself up to the top footboard...

...then hoist himself up...

...and flip over the end.

Now he knows how to use the ladder. Either way, he's incredibly quick about it and I can't let him go downstairs alone unsupervised for a minute or he'll usually end up running around on the bunk bed or sitting in the bathroom sink with the water pouring all over him.

He just thinks it's so fun!

But even though his climbing antics keep me on my toes all day and try my patience a bit, I absolutely cannot resist this boy and his sunshiney smile!


  1. Oh my word I can't believe he climbed across the slanted piano bench with SOCKS on. Crazy!

  2. Oh my goodness, he can climb as well as I can, if not better! Silly boy.


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