Friday, February 15, 2013

Some Recent Injuries

Injuries are fairly commonplace around here--Wesley is so active and adventurous that he is always getting himself into difficult scrapes and creating problems out of seemingly innocent situations. He will create choking hazards as he bites wheels off of toy cars, trip, fall, and hit just the right way to split his head open or fill his mouth with blood, intentionally lie down in the bathtub and try to slurp up the water (we mainly stick to showers) get the idea.

But a bad burn was, thankfully, a new experience for me (we have a lock on our oven and covers on the burner knobs since Wesley climbs up the oven, and somehow we've always been able to keep his hands away from hot things on the stove). But, once again a seemingly innocent situation ended in a pretty bad injury. The boys were playing with the lamp Wesley has in his room, and one of them took the lampshade off. The lamp had been on for a few minutes and Wesley grabbed the lightbulb and started screaming.

I didn't think it was a big deal (I knew the lightbulbs got hot, but I didn't realize how hot they actually get! He only touched it for a second!), so I picked him up and tried to soothe him for a few minutes before I realized how hurt his hand really was. It was a vicious red color and after a few minutes, huge blisters began forming down his index finger and across the top of his palm. I rubbed some olive oil on it and gave him some ibuprofen a couple of times that day. By the next day, he was feeling fine!

I couldn't capture his wounds very well on camera, but you get the general idea.

Of course, his injuries have taken a while to heal. It's been a week and a half and his fingers are still sporting nasty raw marks with dead skin and bleeding scabs. But they're looking so much better. He has loved being able to show people his burns. He has also loved inspecting them himself, picking at them, and showing me the latest development with a long, pitiful, "Ooooohhhhhh." I think he has rather enjoyed himself!

This was about 5 days later--again, it looked MUCH worse in person. :(

His morbid fascination! Love his face. Half smile, half grimace.

It didn't help matters any that Talmage had woken up the night before crying because he had fallen out of bed and hit his mouth on the bookshelf. He stopped crying quickly so I saw no need to inspect his injury in the light. But that morning when he came walking out I saw that his lip was about twice its normal side and he had a lovely gash across his chin. He and Wesley got to be injury buddies that day.

This was taken around noon that day, when the swelling had mostly subsided.

A while prior to these incidents, Wesley had tripped over a pillow lying on the floor and hit his head. My back happened to be turned to him so I didn't see exactly what his head hit, but I think it hit the hinge on the closet door, which protrudes 1/2 inch or so from the wall. His head was bleeding for quite some time, but the gash was only 1/4" long or so, although it looked somewhat deep. I finally decided against stitches since the wound was so small (a scar would be manly anyway, right?) and just kept changing the band-aid until it stopped bleeding. It has healed, but he does have a pretty nice little scar there. Maybe I should have taken him in for stitches, but decisions like that are not taken lightly when your husband is a grad student!

So yes, the injuries abound and I'm sure as the boys continue to grow and become more involved and active their injuries will not slow down. At least they're cheerful about it!


  1. Looks terrible! Just FYI--I heard that putting oil on burns can actually make them worse because it traps the heat in (who knew? I always used to put butter on my burns!).

  2. Those poor boys! I'm glad they're feeling better now.


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