Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boys are Fun!

I love playing with the boys! I love their sense of adventure, the games they engage in, their endless energy, and their desire to build (and destroy).

 They love jumping from the piano bench to the couch.
Step-by-step action shots:

Of course Wesley loves to do it, too. He just doesn't jump quite as far.

The stomp rocket my parents gave Talmage for his birthday is a big hit outside! Talmage gets very into it, and actually makes it fly quite high.

Wesley also figured out how to do it all by himself.

The other day we took down his train tracks and flipped his train table over for an old-fashioned game of tabletop ninepins! My sister got me this game in Philadelphia when she was in high school--10+ years ago.

Oh, play-dough. How we love you.

Wesley adores his big brother!!

Tinkertoys are some of the best classic toys out there! We built a church and a temple one night as part of Family Home Evening.

Sam took the boys on a little Father-Son outing to ride the MD Anderson train around Hermann Park in Houston. Even though it was pretty cold (for Houston!), the boys loved it.


  1. Your yard looks great! When were those stomp rocket pictures taken? It's not covered in a lake! Are the bugs bad out there still?

  2. The rocket pictures were taken 1-2 weeks ago. It's only covered by a lake when it rains and for the few days following! :) But the yard looks better than it really is--it's still just the same coarse, icky grass filled with bugs. I try to humor the boys and let them play outside occasionally, though...

  3. Cute family! I can't believe how smart the boys are getting!


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