Friday, November 2, 2012

Wesley's First Birthday!

We were almost as lame with Wesley's birthday as we were with Talmage's. We did manage to get a few more pictures, though!

He loved the puzzle from Grandma Sue.

These are some awesome song cubes my sister sent me! I saw it as an opportunity to give Wesley a free present, so I wrapped it up for him. Ah, grad school...

But for a one-year-old, playing in the garbage is the funnest part anyway, right?

Then it was time for cake! We stripped him down and while I was getting ready Daddy played his ceiling touching game with the birthday boy.

All clean, but not for long!

He dug right in!

Atta boy, just shove it in.

And he LOVES sharing food with others!

Yep, it's true...his cake was even more boring than Talmage's.

But boring or not, it certainly induced great big smiles. We love this happy birthday boy!


  1. BTW, if you want to know lame, this year Emily's birthday cake was ... Two Oreos that we opened up and stuck her candles in the frosting. Luckily Grammy made her a real cake the next day. Yeah, that's lame.

  2. At least you actually have a REASON to be lame! :)

  3. 2 Oreos? I love that. I am totally doing that when I have kids. Cake--made! :)


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