Friday, November 9, 2012


I don't know what was wrong with me for the month of October. But I was so lame with every celebration we had! Next year will be better, for sure. But the kids still had fun, and that's the really important thing! For Halloween, we decided at the very last minute to take the kids to the trunk-or-treat the ward was having. So we put Wesley in a duck costume from a friend and borrowed a dragon costume from a family in our ward and called it good.

We didn't even take them trick-or-treating, since we figured they had no need for the candy and didn't even know what trick-or-treating was. We figured it wasn't really worth the effort since we have to drive to someone else's neighborhood (our street has no sidewalks and only a few houses) and we didn't care to pump the kids full of even more sugar.

Maybe Talmage was more sad about our lack of celebration than I realized...or maybe it was just bedtime and he was SO done with pictures. :)

I love this cute little duck!

Okay, I'm making it official--next year's October celebrations are going to be much better! Sheesh.

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