Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bird Week

I try to do themed activities each week with Talmage. We're not perfect at it, but it gives us a good structure to plan fun activities around. We had some fun with bird week.

One day we made pinecone bird feeders!

He was so into getting it right.

We also made a visit to a local park to feed the ducks. The super mean ducks that would snatch the bread right out of Talmage's hands and even bite his fingers sometimes! Thankfully he was very good natured about it. He kept saying, "They're eating me!"

And we made birds' nest cookies. Chow mein noodles lend themselves well to such a project.

I love the way planning a few simple, fun activities each week breaks things up and helps me focus the time I spend with the kids. It makes such a difference in their behavior when I spend focused, intentional time with them each day. And it makes my job more fun, too! So if you have any super ideas, feel free to send them my way. I'm always on the hunt for more. :)

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