Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Talmage's 3rd Birthday

We were very low key with Talmage's birthday celebration. And I really failed taking pictures as he was opening presents! It seems that when we're trying to Skype, help him with presents, video tape, keep Wesley at bay, and take pictures, some things don't work out perfectly. Oops!

Here he is on Skype while he opens some presents.

This metal dump truck from Wesley was a HUGE hit!

Even his cake was super simple. I have lots of fun making cakes for Sam and I, but since we don't do artificial coloring, making cute cakes for the kids has been more of a challenge. I'm thinking of investing in some natural food coloring, but it's a bit pricey...

Talmage was just thrilled about the chocolate. He didn't care how it looked! I guess I'll have to redeem myself next year.

He did have a great day, with lots of presents from family. Thanks to everyone! Our kids sure do get spoiled by their loved ones far away. :)


  1. Can you make your own colored frosting using fruit?

  2. I've thought about it--there are lots of methods listed online, but I haven't taken the opportunity to experiment much yet. I've read that a pinch of tumeric powder turns frosting yellow, but every time I've tried it it takes much more than a pinch and makes it taste gross! I've also read you can blend fresh spinach with heavy cream and then sweeten it and whip it for green frosting with a whipped consistency. I've also read about doing avocado frosting. I've read about beet juice and other forms of natural coloring--but with everything I've read I haven't tried much. I'll have to try some this year!


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