Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mind Dump

When I was at BYU, one of my professors was Lloyd Newell--the same Lloyd Newell that announces General Conference and narrates Music and the Spoken Word. He had a term he used often to describe papers we would write for his class--"mind dump." He emphasized that he didn't want a lot of agonizing over wording or obsessing over content, but that we should write journal-style and just let our thoughts be "dumped" onto the page.

This post is sort of a photo version of a mind dump...just random bits of our everyday life.

Kitchen utensil or stethoscope? Both when you're 3.

You can clearly see how he feels about posing for pictures at the moment.

Wesley HATES being restricted in his high chair while I'm trying to get dinner made or when he's all done eating. He has figured out how to wiggle himself out of the buckles, even when they're cinched down if he's wearing the right clothing!

But on the flip side, he can also be incredibly happy.

He looks like the poster-child for an All-American baby! Blonde hair, blue eyes, patriotic clothing, red brick house, porch swing...

Talmage loves helping me with household chores.

Especially when they involve bubbles and water.

Poor Talmage. One o'clock church is so hard on him! We had to stay a bit late and wait for Sam on this day, and he totally zonked out on the couch in the foyer.

Wesley is our crazy climber. I turned around one day to see him here.

I remember thinking long and hard about whether to buy this LoveSac when I was in high school. A lady was selling them new for super cheap, but it was still a lot of money! I finally decided to go for it, looking ahead to the future and thinking about how much fun it would be for our family. We had something similar when I was growing up and I have so many fond memories of it! So I made the plunge, and here I am about 7 years later, very glad I did. The boys love it!

And I love seeing them play together!

Nothing like a morning spent with some books!


Wesley has the goofiest grin sometimes!

When Wesley has a drink of milk, Talmage has to join in right beside him.

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