Friday, September 7, 2012

Visit to Utah Part 4: Wrapping it up with the Whites

We planned to spend the last day or so with my family in Kaysville, but when we arrived back from Logan we found out that my sister's kids had been to the pediatrician and had hand, foot, and mouth disease. It soon became apparent that our kids had it as well. And my brother's kids got it too! We think they must have all picked it up from the frozen yogurt place. In any case, the kids were completely miserable and I realized flying home with them was going to be a nightmare. I made some phone calls and Southwest very kindly let us switch our flight without any extra fees to allow a couple of extra days for recovery.

Poor Wesley had awful sores all around his mouth.

His feet also broke out, though not as badly.

Here is a shot of Kayla's feet. We felt so bad for the poor kids! My sister-in-law actually got it as well, after we came back to Texas, and she said it was completely miserable!

Talmage only got a mild case and was feeling pretty much better by this point. He loved going with Losaunne, Bronson and I on the Legacy bike trail!

The boys got spoiled some more with more gifts from grandparents.

Grandma Sue and Uncle Jojo came up to visit at my parents' house, since we were there extra time, and brought Talmage an awesome backpack to take on the plane!

We also made a jaunt to Jocilyn's house on our final day, where the kids enjoyed a picnic together.

The morning of our departure came all too soon, and we packed up and headed to the airport.

I was feeling a bit nervous about traveling with both boys by myself, since Sam had to come back on the day originally scheduled, so my awesome crew on the Utah end of things was greatly appreciated!

Talmage was born to travel. He loves it! He was totally focused on watching the airplanes after we made it through security.

Wesley kept himself and me busy by opening any cupboard he could find and trying to get into the contents.

Talmage also loved the honorary TSA officer badge he was given.

Make sure it fits!

All in all, the return trip went much better than I had hoped. Even with Wesley still in recovery mode, we were able to avoid any meltdowns and even get some naptime in. The boys are awesome little travelers--I definitely can't complain! We were so grateful we were able to come to Utah and for the generosity of those who made it possible. We hope we don't stay away for long!!!

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