Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Visit to Utah Part 3: Logan Adventures

We wanted to be able to spend some time with Sam's dad and his wife as well, but since they live in Logan (about an hour and a half north of my parents' house, where we were staying each night), Sam's dad kindly got us a hotel room across from their apartment complex. We felt like we were living in the lap of luxury, especially considering our only hotel stay since we've been married has been a few brief hours at a run-down place outside of San Antonio as we were driving to Texas with our U-Haul!

The boys were excited about the super fluffy beds. I wish they had been just as excited to actually sleep, but we eventually got them to settle down. :)

The next morning we were up early to visit with Grandpa Brady, Grandma Elena, and their dog Bode! After a wonderful continental breakfast, we headed over to their place. The boys were instantly enamored with the dog!

They live right by the Logan River, so we went on a little walk together.

It was so beautiful! I miss Utah scenery so much, although Texas certainly has a beauty of its own.

Talmage loved clamoring over the rocks and exploring all of the bugs. I felt much better about letting him mess around with Utah bugs than the scary, biting monsters we have here!

Sam's brother, Joseph, drove up and met up with us as well.

That afternoon we enjoyed a BBQ and played in the pool for a while. We then drove around a bit to see some of the sights in Logan and stopped at Logan Canyon to feed the ducks and play around for a while.

The boys were so exhausted by the constant, all-out fun they had been experiencing the last couple of days that they both crashed in the car and would not wake up for anything! We finally moved Talmage to a seat pad on the grass and brought Wesley's carseat over while we visited.

If anyone ever thinks Sam is not competitive...they should look at his face in this picture. :)

But he really was happy.

When Talmage finally woke up, he groggily went with Grandpa Brady to the water's edge to feed the ducks.

Each throw had to be accompanied by a big jump!

The ducks had such pretty wings!

We also got Aggie ice cream and went to eat at Chuck-a-Rama. By then, it was time for us to head back to Kaysville, so we said our good-byes and headed back through Sardine Canyon. We made a quick stop at the newly completed Brigham City temple! I lived in Brigham City for 6 years growing up, so this was especially meaningful to me.

We met very briefly with my dear friend Natalie while we were at the temple. She and I quickly became worst enemies as third graders when I moved in and supposedly stole her best friend while she was home sick with the chicken pox. I was horrified when, three years later, we were in nearly all of our classes together in Intermediate School. But as the months passed, we gradually overcame our past prejudices and became best friends--and we've been wonderful friends ever since! I am so grateful to have her in my life!

It wasn't the most photogenic moment, with the boys in their pajamas and our ragtag appearance after being on-the-go all day, but one we wanted to remember nonetheless. :)

We had a wonderful visit to beautiful Logan!

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