Thursday, August 23, 2012

Playtime Together

Wesley is starting to get to the age where he and Talmage are actually playing together, and it makes me so happy to see!

Banging on pots together is a fun game...

As is taking all of the recipe books off the shelf.

And they love playing in the cupboard under the sink!

They were playing the piano together one evening.

We pulled the poof over to the bottom of the stairs one day and had a poof-jumping party--a flashback from my childhood!

Wesley played on the stairs while Talmage jumped.

I needed to put some things up in the attic one day, and Talmage was quick to climb up after me and explore.

He was so enamored with all of the pipes and wires!

Poor Wesley felt like he missed out on all the fun.

I sure am smitten with these two! There are few things better than playtime together. I'm so grateful we get so much of it!

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