Friday, August 17, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

The last day Breanne was here, we hurriedly got some family pictures taken. We had lots of factors working against us--it had just stopped raining, so the air was essentially a sauna, Wesley was teething, Talmage was not in a cooperative mood, the light was disappearing fast...

But Breanne managed to take some good pictures anyway. Sam's glasses kept fogging up because of all the water in the air, his knees had grass stains and big wet marks from making the boys smile halfway through, and all of our hair was a frizzy nightmare by the end, but here is what we ended up with!

I absolutely LOVE this picture. This pretty much sums up our life!

Wesley loves to be thrown super high outside!

You can see Sam's sweaty shirt and wet knees here. Ah, Houston...

While we got some decent posed ones of the family, I think the ones of the boys are SO adorable!!!

Those faces! And those smiles! I can't get over them.

This one is my favorite of the two boys together. They really are best buds!

We're glad to have some great family pictures! Thanks, Breanne!

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