Saturday, August 11, 2012


We were at the library one morning, looking through the books for sale (as we always do) when a woman in our ward walked in. She saw me looking at the books and told me she had been given a bunch of children's books from the elementary school she works at and she was wondering if I wanted them (all her kids are grown). I told her that would be wonderful, and she said she would bring them to Church. The day we received the books was like Christmas! There were over 100 books and several puzzles, and the boys were so excited. Even Talmage, who was completely exhausted due to our 1:00 church time and no nap. He could barely keep his eyes open to smile for pictures!

We are continually blessed by the generosity of others. Almost everything we see as we look around our house has been given to us. We feel so grateful and hope to someday be able to pay it forward and help others in a similar way.

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