Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Visit from Aunt Breanne

My sister Breanne spent almost a year living in the Middle East, and on her way back in July she arranged to stay in Houston for a week! We were so excited to have her here, and we knew a sisters' weekend with Losaunne in Tyler was a must.

We put her to work, too--she substitute taught a Primary class on Sunday.

We went to see the San Jacinto Battle Monument. It's an even taller obelisk than the Washington Monument, but it gets a lot less hype. :) Everything's bigger in Texas, right?

They have the San Jacinto Battleship nearby, as well. We were too cheap to pay to go on, but we snapped this picture from the parking lot!

The boys love spending time with doting relatives. Especially ones bearing squishy-splat-pig-ball gifts. (So random, and so hilarious!) Breanne also took plenty of pictures of the boys while she was here, so most of these pictures are thanks to her!

We rented a car and made the trip to Tyler to see Losaunne! We didn't think our poor little red Saturn would make the 8-hour round trip with 310,000 miles on the engine. The first order of business, upon arrival, was to take advantage of Chick-fil-a's dress like a cow/receive a free meal day. I had hurriedly grabbed a bottle of black craft paint on our way out the door, but other than that we were relying on Losaunne's supplies for our costumes. Since she was there on an internship and had brought everything in 2 suitcases, that required us to get pretty creative!

We used notebook paper for the ears (we may have forgotten cows' ears aren't pointed), which we colored with scripture markers and bobby-pinned to our heads. We painted on spots and put on some black and white clothes. We used black socks over our hands for hoofs.

And we came up with some pretty awesome tails. Mine was a sash, Breanne's was a belt, and Losaunne's was...her iPhone charger. Yes. We were the best dressed cows there!

Talmage thought the whole experience was pretty fun.

It was so worth looking like a fool to get a complete dinner free! We got a lot of stares, and the employees weren't sure what to think of our terrible costumes which made it all the more fun!

Breanne caught some of Wesley's classic faces out in the parking lot as we were gathering up our things.

The next morning we decided to go to some popular rose gardens in Tyler. There was a Christmas-in-July craft festival going on, so Santa was there, all decked out in his summer apparel.

We walked around the gardens for a while, during which time Talmage managed to get soaked from splashing in this large pond. We were all soaked from the humidity anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. :)

Trying to climb in, his expression clear evidence that he was pushing the limits to see what I would do.

I can't get over how handsome he is!

Then we stopped for a while in a nice gazebo where a friend of Breanne's later met up with her to visit. While we were waiting, Breanne took the opportunity to have a photo shoot with us. This is where Talmage's soaked attire got to be more problematic, but I guess it's just evidence of real life.

Losaunne found this funny wreath made out of fake leaves lying on the ground. She turned it into a crown for Talmage, which he thought was hilarious!

I have no idea what was going on here. These pictures look like they could be used to advertise anger management courses, don't they?! Sheesh!

And here are my beautiful sisters!

We were so glad we got to see Losaunne while Breanne was with us! Although it is hard to be so far away from family, I feel like we've had so many visits from siblings and so many people helping us visit Utah that my boys have still gotten acquainted with our family members. I can't wait for many more visits to come!

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