Friday, August 10, 2012

A Focused Boy

Talmage is such a focused boy. He loves learning new things and you can almost see the gears turning in his head when he is figuring something out.

The other day I randomly turned on a documentary about migration patterns of monarch butterflies (really fascinating, by the way!). He was totally intent on it for more than 30 minutes. Not bad for a not-even-3-year-old!

He found an mp3 player and I turned on a favorite song of his. He loves "Heaven's Gift," by InsideOut A Capella. When he was a baby, he would always calm down when we sang him this song, and it still totally captivates him. It was sweet to see him singing along so intently!

And seriously, those big brown eyes melt my heart.

We went to a good-bye lunch for one of Sam's colleagues at a popular Asian restaurant in Houston. Talmage was dead set on figuring out the chopsticks.

He also loves wearing Sam's missionary tag around the house! I love this picture of him licking the beater.

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