Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I tried putting some fairly toddler-friendly foods in a fun little silicone mold one evening in an attempt to get Talmage to eat more. It didn't really work, but he did think the idea was novel.

We are a peanut butter loving family. (Actually, a nut butter in general loving family...have you been to Whole Foods and seen the nut grinding machines? So fun!)

 One morning I came out of the bathroom and found Talmage with this scene set up singing, "Away in a Manger." It was a precious sight to behold!
(Side friend gave us this amazing flannel kit with pictures that go along with the stories of Jesus--over 160 of them! And along with the kit, she gave us the Illustrated Stories of the Book of Mormon set--you know, the light blue hard-backed set of 16 books that came out in the 80s? And a corresponding set of 16 Illustrated Stories from Church History books. And a corresponding set of 3 Illustrated Articles of Faith books. And a big file box full of Family Home Evening lesson kits! We really are spoiled...)

 We babysat Lily-Rose a couple of times per week during winter semester while her mom finished her degree. Talmage and Wesley loved having her over!

One night I stuck a glass of water in the freezer before Sam got home so he could have an especially cold drink when he came in. I forgot it was in there, and an hour or two later remembered. The ice had formed a perfect cup around the water that hadn't frozen yet!

I really just can't get over how cute he is...even after 2 1/2 years.

Talmage has discovered he can pick Wesley up and move him when he is getting his toys.

But he's usually pretty good at sharing.

 Talmage and his buddy Kade have fun playing together.

And he absolutely adores this family!

Talmage found these ridiculous shorts (that I am kind of embarrassed to even admit I own) the other day and put them on. He thought it was a riot!

I've given up on thinking I know when Wesley is teething. I have been wrong time after time as he exhibits fussiness, excessive drool, fevers, a desire to gnaw on everything, continual messy diapers, teeth. Even outside observers have thought he was teething! I don't know if he is currently teething, but rubbing his gums certainly does calm him down. Poor boy.

Bath time=happy time

No, I don't favor Wesley over Talmage. He's just a much more willing subject these days when it comes to the camera. :)

And just because he looks so mischeivous...

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  1. Love these pictures! Your kids are so cute. I love to come back and look at your old posts! They are so fun!


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