Thursday, May 10, 2012


I can't tell you how often Talmage stuffs his mouth so full he can hardly chew in an attempt to finish his food as quickly as he can.

He used to be obsessed with jumping!

Talmage loves it when we pack up his lunch in this lunchbox.

Can you see why I have a hard time convincing Talmage to not sit on Wesley?

Wesley often falls asleep with his feet up in the air, pressed against whatever he can 

Cracker smile!

Talmage literally plays until he falls asleep.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White Family Visit: Part 4

Wednesday's activities began with a trip to NASA and the Johnson Space Center. We had fun on the tram tour, but unfortunately we couldn't go into Mission Control because they are working on some more classified projects, and then we had to actually go back early because it started to rain and they have rules about not being out on tours while it's raining.

We spent a couple more hours looking at the exhibits back at the visitor's center and having some fun there.

My dad wanted to give Avalon and Bronson a well-rounded experience with Texas cuisine, so after hitting Tex-Mex on Monday and Cajun/Seafood on Tuesday, Wednesday was the day for some good ol' Texas BBQ. We stopped at a random place we saw as we were driving--and even though we didn't know anything about the place before going, it turned out the food was incredible! Definitely the best BBQ I had ever had.

This might be my favorite picture of Wesley ever.

After lunch we headed to Kemah, a boardwalk town with all kinds of amusements. We headed in to Stingray Reef and had some fun playing with the stingrays. They are so friendly! They just swim right up to the side and stick their heads out for you to play with them. There were also a few small sharks in the tank. Bronson informed me they were sharks, and I didn't believe him. I asked one of the workers, and guess what? They were totally sharks. Bronson said he thought he was the only one in his class who had touched a shark and come face to face with 20 alligators. :)

Bronson lost an arm on our excursion, but other than that we made it out unscathed.

Talmage kept getting his head stuck between the bars. I thought he was shoving his head between the bars and wondered how he did it, since I had to bend the bars apart to get it out. Then I watched him one time and saw that he actually slipped the rest of his body in, but his head wouldn't fit through! His body is more narrow than his head!

We loved the play area, of course.

Bronson had some fun with some action shots.

Love, love, LOVE this picture!

We had some fun walking along the boardwalk, looking out into the Bay.

Talmage loved chasing the birds.

He loved it much more than the birds, I think.

There was an area where you could feed some fish.

They absolutely swarmed the food!

There are a whole bunch of rides on the boardwalk. Avalon and Bronson picked this one to ride:

And Talmage and I had some fun on the merry-go-round.

But thanks to being overly tired and missing his naps too many days in a row, this was his response when it was time to get off.

And this is what happened in the car.

Wesley slept a lot in the car as well, and he also discovered his love of animal crackers! The boys really were incredible for all we put them through.

That night Sam got home from Chicago, and the following day--after my mom cut my hair (I always have to take advantage of her abilities when I see her, no matter how busy we are!) and they loaded up their things--we drove up to the Medical Center and met up with Sam for lunch. Then my family headed back to Utah. We had an incredible time with them and can't wait to see them again before too long! Our summer is going to be interspersed with visits from various family members, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

White Family Visit: Part 3

After our fun at the beach, it was only appropriate to stop at Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. They had this great play area right next to our outdoor picnic-style table. Talmage was much more interested in this than the seafood. And thankfully his wonderful aunt and uncle were more than willing to entertain him!

This was Talmage's reaction when he saw the lobster. Sam and I just aren't fans of seafood, and it looks like Talmage agrees with us. Big surprise, since he isn't a fan of most food...

After lunch, we headed to Brazos' Bend State Park, which is home to over 300 alligators. We were fortunate enough to see at least 20! It's really fascinating to be just a few feet away from alligators with no barriers dividing you from them.

Talmage was very energetic and kept grabbing my mom's hand and dashing off panting, "Run, run, run!"

The alligators are pretty still for the most part. We had a couple of scares when they jumped out of the water to hunt which gave us some good laughs.

Aunt Avalon and Uncle Bronson did a great job helping with the boys!

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