Friday, March 9, 2012

We Love Playdough

I'm frustrated with the lack of consistency I have had with doing our little school time each day. In my head, I have this idea that we will have a theme each week, with some themes going on several weeks. Each Tuesday we go to story time at the library, I buy a used children's book for 50 cents or a dollar (depending on the size and paper back/hard back), and I want to start checking out a bunch of books that go along with our theme, as well. Then, each Thursday, we have a little field trip that often corresponds with the theme. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will do one-hour lessons with the books we check out, songs, and activities.

But I seem to be failing miserably at making the time and planning ahead well enough to be consistent with it. We were having a month-long unit on animals, but this is one of the only days I managed to do a lesson with Talmage. We did, however, make it to free day at the zoo, PetSmart, Bass Pro Shop (like Cabelas), and to visit a lady who breeds bulldogs and has pet donkeys for our field trips. I really need to get more on the ball with this idea and put it into action, because it makes Talmage so happy and he really learns a lot. He is always bringing me the children's encyclopedia we have and asking me to "read about bodies and animals," since I used that book to help with those units.

Anyway, now that I've shared the idea, perhaps I'll be better about it. It's amazing what accountability does to motivate me. :)

Here's Talmage playing with playdough. We were making animals with it!

I made the pig, obviously, but he liked adding his own touch to it.

Love that concentration!


  1. You are a way better mom than I am, so don't be hard on yourself. I finally started up a little playgroup with Peter and some kids his age so we could do these sorts of things once a week. I need the motivation of a bunch of other moms counting on me to actually do it even that often.

    But here's a cute idea we did: tear up tissue paper in various colors to small pieces (the kids loved this part), then stuff it in a ziplock baggie. When it's pretty full, smooth it out to fill all the corners, squeeze out the air, and seal it. Then fan-fold it down the middle and wrap a colored pipe cleaner around it. Ta-da - a butterfly! We also glued ours to large craft sticks to make them like puppets. You can see pictures on Facebook. So fun! (Now just what to do with the finished projects :)

  2. Amen. Give yourself a break, sister. I don't take my kids anywhere. :)

    And what to do with the finished products...throw them out the second story window, watch them fly, and then run down, pick them up, and repeat!

  3. Did you make your own playdough or did you purchase? If you made your own, I'd love to have the recipe :)

    (P.S. Your activities for your son sound fabulous!)


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