Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some Photo Shoots Are Better Than Others

I've sure got a lot of catch-up work to do. I think I'll try to do a post a day until I'm caught up. There. Now I'm accountable. :) In the meantime, enjoy these pictures, which do a fine job of demonstrating what happens when you try to take pictures of a two-year-old who is feeling very uncooperative and tired and an overly tolerant but also exhausted 3-month-old...


Wesley just pulled miserable faces while Talmage tortured him. No tears, just frowns. Don't be deceived, Talmage wasn't giving him a kiss. He was intentionally slobbering all over his head.

It honestly scares me when Talmage gets this look on his face. Not even kidding.

Pretty much the only good thing about that photo shoot was the coordinating outfits.


  1. LOVE! It's so life, isn't it? Also, the looks on your kids faces just crack me up. Wesley in #4 and Talmage in #5. Classic!


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