Thursday, March 8, 2012

Solid Foods

Wesley has been having lots of fun with solids! I started him a bit early--around 3 1/2 months--because he seemed so interested and when I gave him a taste of applesauce he loved it SO much. This was his first taste of rice cereal.

"What is this???"

"Hold on, Mom, let me take a good look at this..."

First taste

"Hmm...let me think about this..."


Major success.

"Now, let's just do something about this obnoxious bib."

A couple of weeks later, I gave him some carrots I mashed up. He wasn't particularly thrilled about them, to put things lightly.

His absolute favorite is mashed up bottled pears. He completely devours them!

They make him so happy.

But just remember to keep them coming fast enough! :)


  1. Seriously, how do you catch those images WHILE you're feeding him? Talent with one hand, that is.

  2. Speak like yoda, you do. :) Those faces are hilarious!!!

  3. Sounds like you're living with a carb-lover now . . . started laughing at each picture, it went on and on until tears came. Pure entertainment!

  4. Such a GREAT post! Don't you just love their faces as they try new foods?? :P


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