Monday, January 23, 2012

Terrific Twos

Talmage is at the peak of his "terrific twos," as one of my professors would call them. He is so happy when we are away from the house, which leads me to believe that the not-so-happy times often stem from boredom. I am constantly looking for new activities to help him stay happy. His sense of humor is always showing itself, and he absolutely adores people and anything social. Anything fine motor seems to be his forte. He loves stories--I could probably read him stories for hours and he wouldn't get bored. He loves his little brother and is a complete Daddy's boy. We sure love our little Talmage!

"Can you give me a good smile?"


And a tantrum, just for good measure--he wanted Wesley to sit next to him and I was holding him. Hmm...


  1. I love his cute hair - it makes him look so old. But then when he sticks his tongue slightly forward in his mouth and covers up all but his two front teeth, he looks like a baby 5-year-old. Fun! What a cute boy!

  2. That tantrum face makes me laugh. And I agree with Chicken Dust--love the hair!

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  4. And P.S., that's a tantrum? I can't even imagine what you would think of Peter then...

  5. "Tantrum" might be a bit strong. When he is really throwing a real tantrum I just stare and try not to laugh! He lets out these loud yells and runs around as fast as he can trying to find something to hit. It's really quite funny, even though I feel bad that he's upset.

    And the hair is...a result of his opposite cowlicks and it needing to be cut. It always looks so spastic right now. But thanks!


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