Saturday, January 7, 2012


We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas spent together as a family. I wanted to take a few pictures of the boys again in their Christmas sweaters under the tree on Christmas Eve. I asked Talmage to come sit with Wesley, and you can see how thrilled they were about the pictures.


More boring...

Still boring...

Things got a bit more exciting and expressive when I asked Talmage to give Wesley a kiss. This picture makes me laugh so much!

Then Talmage slyly decided to grab Wesley's head and squeeze it. I love Talmage's tight, nonchalant grin and Wesley's tolerant expression.

Then he played innocent and looked in the other direction while Wesley gave me this melodramatic look. "Mom, did you see what he did to me???"

Christmas was spent relaxing and spending the whole day together--that was a wonderful gift in and of itself! Santa visited our house and we opened presents on the morning of the 26th. 

Talmage got this amazing train set! Sometimes Santa uses Craigslist and finds amazing deals. :) Talmage absolutely loves his train set and plays with it all the time. He sleeps with all the trains every night and every naptime, and we seldom make it out to the car without his 3 favorites in tow.

In addition to my lovely morning appearance, I was sporting a large red mark on the bridge of my nose. I hit myself in the face with my blow dryer while I was blow drying my hair the day before. It was bruised and red for days!

Wesley got this mat to lay under with toys dangling down. He loves it! And just yesterday he started figuring out hand control with it. I love watching babies learn how to control their bodies.

After playing for a while with their new toys and getting {mostly} ready, we got to open presents with our families on Skype. Since we were on Skype I didn't get any pictures of that round of present-opening, but it was wonderful! After that, we opened presents from each other.

 Talmage loves his Bob the Builder DVD from his Uncle Bronson and his tool/play dough/etc. apron from Aunt Avalon!

I love Amazon. I got this book for Sam for about $1! (It's a fantastic book, by the way)

Talmage got some books as well...The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and an I Spy book. Sam's sister got us these beautiful scarves from Syria!

When Sam forgets things I tell him he's my absent-minded professor (since he's going to be a professor). He had never seen the movie The Absent-Minded Professor, though, so I thought it would be an appropriate gift. Again, another cheap Amazon find. Almost all of our gifts were second-hand or gift card purchases I had been collecting throughout the year--but we had some amazing finds!

Wesley slept while we opened his presents for him, but upon awakening he was thrilled with his new Bumbo chair!

My family should appreciate this toy I found for Wesley at a garage sale. :)

Lincoln Logs! I kind of have a thing with wooden toys. Love them!

Talmage loves his fishing puzzle game.

We were totally spoiled by our families and are so appreciative of everyone's support. Thank you all!


  1. Yay! Christmas post - I've been waiting for this one :). Your family is so cute!

  2. Yeah, I hate it when I hit myself in the face with my blow dryer. :)


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