Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a park in Downtown Houston, not far from the hospital where Sam works. They have over 400 activities per year and most of them are free! From outdoor movie nights to recycling extravaganzas to Toddler Tuesdays with characters like Winnie the Pooh, there is always something to do there. I saw that there was going to be an ice sculpting competition with sculptors from various parts of the U.S. and even other countries and thought it would be fun to go see it for our date. Our babysitting plans didn't work out though, so we just took the boys with us in the morning and all had a great time together!

The boys were having more fun than it looks like. :)

This is what we went to see--but the blaring, raucous music was a bit too much for us to handle, so we left before most of the sculptors had even started and just wandered around the park. We had a lot of fun anyway!

They have an outdoor ice skating rink! Even though temperatures are in the 70s, they have cooling devices rigged up such that it is real ice you can skate on! This was right after it opened for the day so there were only a couple of people, but it was soon packed.

 Our wanderings took us over to the fountains. We weren't intending to let Talmage get really wet--just splash a little in them--but he was soon drenched and extremely happy! Even though it was in the 70s, that's still pretty cold for a little boy to be soaked, but he didn't complain at all. He loves the water!

Wesley stayed busy watching the water intently and making photogenic faces.

Sam tried to duck through the water arches and almost made it without getting wet, but then one nailed him from behind and he was soaked from head to toe as well! Whoops!

Monday, January 23, 2012

An Afternoon of Smiles

Wesley's typical mood:

Love those dimples!

And then he pulled out his angry eyes. :)

3rd Anniversary Picnic

Some people go out for a nice dinner to celebrate their anniversary, but our bank account much prefers picnics. We had a fun picnic at the park on our 3rd anniversary (December 27th)! Sam had even gotten the same desserts that were served at our wedding luncheon.

Side note:  see the tape on the side of Sam's glasses? They have been broken for ages and he just makes do with tape. I often tease him about playing up the nerd image. :) The other day his professor told him that if he gets a fellowship the department will pay for him to get new glasses. Ha!

We came home and watched "A Christmas Carol" and went to the temple that night. It was a simple day, but lots of fun. What a wonderfully busy few years we have had together! It seems like so much has happened in such a short amount of time. I'm so grateful for Sam and our sweet little boys!

Terrific Twos

Talmage is at the peak of his "terrific twos," as one of my professors would call them. He is so happy when we are away from the house, which leads me to believe that the not-so-happy times often stem from boredom. I am constantly looking for new activities to help him stay happy. His sense of humor is always showing itself, and he absolutely adores people and anything social. Anything fine motor seems to be his forte. He loves stories--I could probably read him stories for hours and he wouldn't get bored. He loves his little brother and is a complete Daddy's boy. We sure love our little Talmage!

"Can you give me a good smile?"


And a tantrum, just for good measure--he wanted Wesley to sit next to him and I was holding him. Hmm...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa on a Mission

My grandparents got called on a mission here to Houston! I was ecstatic when I heard they were coming here. Although we don't live in their mission (they're in the East mission and we live in the South mission) they only live about 30 minutes away from us! They arrived this past week and on the day they went to the temple they stopped by to see us!

It was such a joy to see them! The boys ate up the attention. We can't wait to visit with them again!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Here are a few (actually, kind of a lot of) snapshots of life at our house from the past month or so:

Talmage turns just about everything into a train, including these mandarin orange segments.

I absolutely love these bibs from Ikea. Talmage calls them his "jacket bibs." :) They clean up in a snap, and Talmage has been a much cleaner little boy ever since we got them! A 2-pack is only $4.99, too!


Our boys are very...intense. Wesley is intensely mellow, though--he is such a good, content baby! Here he was sucking ferociously on his hand while cocking his head at me.

Talmage still loves Church. He approaches me with an image like this almost daily and declares, "Ready to go to Church!" On this day he was set on going to Church with his new Bob the Builder DVD and a couple of his trains. Too bad it wasn't Sunday...it's always hard to break that news to him.

My 2-year-old looks like he is at least 10 in this picture--right?!

Ah, that's better. This is what he did when I asked him to give me a good smile. Typical!

He can't sit for long, but he can hold himself upright for a little bit!

He loves standing most of all. When I try to sit him down he often stiffens his legs so I can't bend him and he ends up standing. Don't you love his little stripe of hair right along the bottom? I may just have to trim it and make his near-hairlessness more evenly applied.

Talmage loves Candy Land--thanks, Mays! He also thought tug-of-war with the camera case was thrilling.

He also loves coloring. He has recently started being a lot better at trying to stay in the lines and coloring in full shapes.

Not his best attempt (sometimes he is actually really good at staying in the lines), but he loves these Dot-to-Dot pictures from Grandma Sue!

We've still been having so much fun with his train table!

Wesley doesn't like the bright orange focus light on the camera, so if the room is dim when I take his picture he looks away and stops smiling. It's too bad that usually happens, because he is quite the smiler, and his smiles melt my heart!

Sweet anyway, though, right?

It's always fun to find foods Talmage can make almost all by himself, like toast. 

We have made a major breakthrough with Talmage's eating! I usually pull out a book and tell him if he eats a bite I'll read a page. He will choke down almost anything to get another page read! This boy loves books! On this day he gobbled up his potato soup and toast for lunch while we read. He has become so much better at trying things without complaint and will now eat several bites to earn a page. He has even asked for more of many vegetables like peppers, broccoli, and sundried tomatoes! Hopefully he will bulk up a little more now.

After the Christmas tree was undecorated and waiting to be taken out, Talmage thought it would be fun to load up the front of his bulldozer with pine needles. He meticulously picked them off the tree and put them in his tractor for half an hour or more!

Wesley is still our super sleeper. I often find him sleeping with his extremities suspended in the air. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but both of his hands were completely unsupported while he slept deeply. It always amazes me.

So there's life lately in a nutshell. We still have lots more to come. Hopefully I can get caught up in another week or so!
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