Thursday, November 17, 2011

Talmage's 2nd Birthday

Talmage's birthday was on October 11th and my mom was flying in on the 24th, so we thought it would be fun to wait until she was with us to celebrate his birthday. He is SO into tractors right now, so I decided to put together this simple tractor cake. It's certainly nothing fancy, but with a 4 day old baby, that was as good as it was going to get. At least it tasted good!
And Talmage was thrilled with it. I think the cake tractors have been his very favorite birthday gift.

He was more interested in playing with the tractors than actually eating the cake...

I was filming Talmage opening his presents, my mom was holding Wesley, and Sam was helping Talmage/playing with his presents with him. Between the three of us, I'm afraid this is the only picture I got of him opening his gifts. He was very excited about them, though!

And here's the birthday boy with most of his presents! Some came seperately and didn't make it into the picture, but he loves them all! Thanks to our generous friends and family members who thought of him.

After some training, he has learned to say, "Two" when we ask how old he took a while to drop the "Al'ost Twooo" habit. :)


  1. Ha - who says that cake isn't special - that's about the coolest thing a two-year-old boy has ever seen!

    Cool toys! Funny - Peter got that exact same Melissa and Doug stacking train for his two-year-old birthday, but I'm sure not from the same people because it was Ryan's sister. Great gift for those boys!

    We never told Peter he was almost two, but he heard Talmage say it once on the video and picked it up. It took him several weeks to break the habit too. So cute!

  2. What's the yellow crumb stuff on the cake?

  3. Jocilyn--what are you talking about? Amanda and Jay totally sent that train for Talmage. ;) Actually, it was like $1.50 at a garage sale. It's a great toy!

    Breanne--the "dirt" was crushed Oreos and graham crackers, but the flash made the graham cracker crumbs look yellow...

  4. Ha! Well, Peter has that totally awesome lantern too, but he got it from his other grandma (that's actually where mom got the idea). That's about one of the neatest toys I've ever seen. Though Peter does play with his train all the time - he always has to put the little rounded tops on the last car on top of the square of the same color. If I mix them up he says, "That goes there? What?!?" and fixes it... Lucky you to find it at a yard sale - the steal makes it even cooler.

    Also, it looks like Talmage should come to Grammy's house - I bet he'd love grandpa's new backhoe. ;)


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