Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Sweet Little Wes

I took a whole bunch of pictures of Wesley when he was just over a week old. Although my photography skills are only mediocre, the subject makes these pictures incredible. :) So without further ado, here are some pictures and some tidbits about our little Wes.

I love his little funny face on this one.

We got home from the hospital late Sunday night, and my mom got here on Monday evening. That week turned out to be a little bit rough for Wesley...he thought if he was awake he should be eating all the time, and he definitely let us know that was his opinion. He wouldn't stay asleep very long if he was set down, so that made for long nights of me sleeping out on the couch holding him. Then the pediatrician told me 177 babies in Texas alone died from sleeping with their parents last year, which is more than died from infections or car accidents. He told me I really should be awake if I was holding him. I was worried about how things were going to go once my mom left and I was left trying to take care of Talmage and a pretty demanding baby.

But an amazing thing happened. My mom left and Wesley made a 180 degree switch to being a pretty mellow guy who slept almost all day and all night! (Certainly not because she left...I was just grateful that once the help was gone he mellowed out!) He still lets us know about it very quickly if he isn't fed on time (and he is a little clock--he will wake up pretty much to the minute on our feeding schedule), but other than that he really doesn't cry much.

He is a great sleeper. Sometimes I worry something is wrong with him because he sleeps so much! He is probably only awake for 5-6 hours total each day. Most nights he just wakes up to eat around 2:00 and then goes right back to sleep until his early morning feeding. He is great about sleeping in his cradle, too, so that's a relief. Talmage only napped for around 5 hours per day as a newborn, so this is a huge change for us. The number one comment people made about Talmage right after he was born was probably, "Wow, he's so alert!" Wesley's sleepiness has definitely made it easier to get things taken care of and spend one-on-one time with Talmage, and I can even get a nap every day if I choose to take one!

I have a slight obsession with baby feet...get ready for a bunch of pictures of them.

With as adamant as he is about eating, he still only eats for about 10 minutes per feeding, every 3 hours during the day. Talmage did the same thing, but Wesley doesn't lose quite as much through spit-up. At his hospital follow-up appointment with the pediatrician, Wesley was 8 lbs, 5 oz, so just 4 oz below his birth weight. Just 6 days later he had gained 14.5 oz! I was shocked about that with how short his feedings are. I guess both boys inherited their daddy's love for efficiency. He's also really tall. At his hospital follow-up he was 22 inches long, which put him in the 98th percentile for height.

He is super strong. Right after he was born the nurses were doing all of the post-birth procedures and I heard them exclaim, "Whoa! He's already rolling!" He has wanted to hold his own head up from the beginning and has pretty much mastered it by now. His limbs are incredibly strong and can be difficult to move during diaper changes, feeding, etc. He also flings his body this way and that, but he doesn't have complete control so he ends up sideways in my arms. He can also support his own weight on his legs. A couple of days ago I was laying on the couch and he was leaning on his tummy up against me. Suddenly he stood himself up and flung himself backwards, plopping down between me and the couch in a slumped/sitting position. It was rather startling!

One of my favorite things about his feet is the way his pinky toe seems to have a mind of its own.

He wasn't spitty at all at the beginning, but he has seemed to have some painful tummy trouble for the last 3 days or so and has been spitting up, straining, and burping a lot. I'm hoping he works through it.

He loves watching Talmage play and, as I mentioned before, is incredibly tolerant of Talmage's in-your-face affection. When he is alert, his brow is constantly furrowed and his eyes are now wide open, taking everything in and studying it intently. He seems to have quite an intense personality. He and Talmage both seemed stressed all the time, although just like Talmage, he mostly grunts when he is upset rather than crying (unless it's feeding time!).

We have loved getting to know this little guy! I can't believe he is already a month old. I've thought over and over again about this poem. Although there certainly are things that need to be done and I can't just leave the bills unpaid or the house in complete upheaval, I have been much more content to let unimportant things go and love the time I can spend simply cuddling my baby boy. I learned with Talmage that kids grow up way too fast. I have also been more grateful for the moments I have with Talmage. We spend more time than ever reading stories, singing songs, tickling, driving trucks, coloring, and more. And the moments we get to spend with all 4 of us together, however infrequent they may be, are pure bliss. Life is good!


  1. They took pictures of Emily in the basket in the hospital and I thought it was so cute (not enough to pay the extravagant price, though). I wish I would have thought of reproducing them at home.

    Also, with that hat on, I can really see a bit of Talmage in Wesley. I hadn't noticed it before...

    Also, died *from* or *while* sleeping with their parents - big difference. And how many of those parents were non-smokers and sober at the time? When was the last time you rolled out of bed while sleeping - you're actually not that oblivious in slumber. Maybe I'm just trying to justify myself, but there's actually a lot of research to support co-sleeping as well. Just sayin'. It's nice that Wesley will sleep in his cradle, though.

    Anyway, cute pictures - I LOVE #6, sleeping with his hand tucked under his chin!

  2. Wesley sounds like such a great baby! I also love how expressive he is.

  3. Love the grumpy face pictures. Still waiting for the lemon face... :)

  4. Jocilyn--sorry, I wasn't trying to preach or anything. I personally feel like I am a really deep sleeper and don't feel comfortable sleeping with him, but I don't think parents who do sleep with their kids are bad parents or anything. And everything I've found indicates that the risks of co-sleeping (as long as you're sober, a non-smoker, not obese, etc.) are minimal. :)


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