Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm afraid we were really lame with Halloween. Since Wesley was only 6 days old, we didn't go to the ward Trunk-or-Treat, and we figured since Talmage didn't have preconceived notions about trick-or-treating we could get out of that too. Our road doesn't have sidewalks, either, so we didn't even get any trick-or-treaters!

However, someone gave us this costume a while back and we thought we would at least let Talmage wear it in the spirit of Halloween. Oh, and we ate pumpkin bread with dinner...
He was so excited the "coshume" had gloves. He is obsessed with gloves right now!
Cute dinosaur. Bad lighting. Sorry.
He was so excited about wearing his costume and insisted on wearing it through Family Home Evening.
Whether we're lame or not, he sure had fun!


  1. That is the coolest costume! You did pretty good for having a newborn, and I'm glad Talmage enjoyed it!

  2. Luh---uhv it! (Say that like they did on Dragon Tales, and that's what I was thinking!)


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