Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For Mom

This post is for my mom. She wanted a picture of the boys together to put on her grandkid display board, so we took a few for her. We loved having "Grammy" here last week! She spoiled us all. We love you!
This may be my favorite...those facial expressions are priceless!
Wesley wasn't fussing during this little photo shoot, despite the looks on his face. We joke about his little grumpy face. :)


  1. Ooooh, cute, cute, cute. I love the hand holding. And I notice the bib on Wesley - is he going to rival Talmage for the spitting?

  2. Okay, so I just realized that might just be how the overalls are, but my question still stands.

  3. Simply adorable. And yeah, Chicken Dust, it's totally the overalls. :) I love the grumpy face!

  4. It is just the overalls, and thankfully Wesley is not spitty at all at the moment! While we were in the hospital he kept spitting up mucus and he had to sleep at an incline. We thought we were in for it, but after he was a few days old he pretty much stopped spitting up and now he very seldom spits up! I hardly even have to use a burp cloth when I burp him! I hope that remains to be the case...

  5. I haven't had a really spitty baby yet, but Emily was such a dream because she NEVER spit. (Except when her sinuses were really stuffy - then she gagged and threw up constantly). Here's hoping Wessey keeps it up. (or down :)

    P.S. my spell-checker tried to change spitty to spotty. ha.

  6. Not really grumpy, just perplexed and determined to figure it out . . .


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