Monday, November 14, 2011

First Bath

I had to document Wesley's first real bath at just one week old! He lost his cord really fast. I apologize for the poor lighting in all the pictures, but I was doing things one-handed and didn't bother to change the settings.

We love this little man and his cute little grumpy face! I have about 7,000 pictures waiting to be posted, but I am having trouble putting Wesley down--this cuddly newborn stage disappears WAY too fast and I am relishing it. :)


  1. I definitely see some sibling resemblance in picture #3!

    And sorry, but that totally looks like mom's arm - what was your other hand doing? ;)

  2. So modest. :) I need to skype with you guys again and see the little guy!

  3. Modest AND warm, which keeps him from hollering. :)


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