Monday, November 21, 2011


This boy is obsessed with pretty much anything with wheels, but particularly construction vehicles.

 When Wesley was a few days old, we checked out a DVD from the library that showed how roads are built, and Talmage LOVED it. I told Sam he ought to watch it with Talmage one Friday night when he got home a little early, so he curled up with the boys while I made these. (Side note: Talmage went through a week or two where he was always finding goofy hats and wearing them...hence the hat in the picture below.)

You can imagine his excitement when one morning some tractors came and started tearing up the road in front of our house to put in a new one! This happened on one of the days Sam worked from home so he could help with Talmage after Wesley was born, so he and Talmage watched the tractors work for a very long time. Talmage was entranced for the few days they worked on the road.

We lead such an exciting life through the eyes of a 2-year old. :)


  1. Mmmm. I want some of those pizookies.

  2. No way, the excitement is all at our house. Even though it's freezing outside, we still have to make our daily walk to the construction zone three blocks away. In our neighborhood, there's always at least one backhoe somewhere close by. It's basically like heaven.

  3. I am so jealous...both of the construction (although I'm sure it has its inconveniences) and of the fact that there are actually SIDEWALKS in your neighborhood you can take walks on! If we had sidewalks I'm sure I would be taking at least 2 walks per day with these guys. We have this awesome double jogging stroller that I can only put to use if I haul it into the car (and it fills the whole trunk) and drive somewhere we can walk around. :(

    Houston is supposedly the most obese city in the country, and I always think, "Maybe if sidewalks were put in people would get more exercise!" Anyways. I'm jealous. End of story. :)


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