Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Visit from Grandma Sue and Uncle Jojo

Sam's mom and brother Joseph came to visit us a few weeks ago! It was so fun to have them here and introduce them to Wesley and our life here in Texas.

They got here from the airport Thursday afternoon, so after enjoying lunch together they assembled some awesome toy trucks Grandma Sue brought for Talmage! I love how Talmage is intently studying the instructions.

He loves playing with them!

After we finished up with that, we decided to go mini-golfing.

I put the camera on timer mode for this one. Obviously the baby Bjorn carrier threw things off...

The following day we made the trek to Brenham, TX to show off the lovely Blue Bell ice cream factory! Talmage has a very scientific mind and absolutely loves learning how things work. As he looked down at the factory workers and the ice cream process, he shouted, "Whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!" He was completely intrigued throughout the entire tour. :) And you have to love the free ice cream at the end!

 The following day we went to Space Center Houston. We all really enjoyed the tram tour of NASA!

Taking a picture of ourselves was an attempt to divert Talmage's attention from whatever mischief he was getting into.

Then Sam joined in the fun. Isn't this picture just fabulous? Haha. I especially love the fact that I have food stuck in my teeth!

Here's our slightly better attempt. I love 2-year-old humor. 

That night we enjoyed the adult session of Stake Conference, and the following day we had the general session and then just hung out at home before they left on Monday morning. And of course, throughout the duration of the trip there was plenty of snuggling with Wesley!

It was so fun to have you here! Thanks for the visit. We miss you guys!


  1. Wowa-Zowa those are cool trucks!

    -That's what Peter would say if he were awake. :)

  2. It was a wonderful trip, complete with real Southern hospitality and especially Kaitlyn's wonderful cooking!!! It was fun to see their complete home, and connect all the snapshots I usually pore over . . .

  3. Peter asked to see "Chalmage wif his trucks again, See his dump trucks and his cement trucks one more time." And I just noticed your hair - did you get it cut? I like it!


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