Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Baby News

So today I had my doctor's appointment to set up an induction date. I was surprised (and actually happy) to find out that he's not inducing me until Monday! Although we are incredibly anxious to meet this little one, I really wanted to let things happen on their own. So I am happy the doctor feels good about giving me a little more time. I thought for sure he would want to induce me tomorrow, but he wanted to give me the rest of the week.

Anyway, they did a non-stress test and it looks like the placenta is still functioning well so we're good to wait until Monday. He said that he doubts I will need to be induced but that he has learned to not be surprised by anything in pregnancy because it is so unpredictable. (After all, he was pretty sure I would deliver before my due date!) He also said (and I hope this is true) that if I end up needing to be induced, he feels like he would be able to just break my water and that should be sufficient to get things going.

So until Monday...come on baby! We're anxious to meet you!!!


  1. Yeah, with Peter I started dilating around 36 weeks, and was at 3 cm and 80%+ effaced for several weeks - everything looked like it was moving right along, but they still had to force him to come. With Emily my body did absolutely nothing right up until about 3 hours before she was born. Oh the surprises!

  2. Congratulations!

    I look forward to pictures and more details in the coming days. Hurray for new babies!

  3. Yeah! I'm stoked for pictures too! Congrats!


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